Register a .ca

Previously, companies were only allowed two domain names ending with .ca: one for their French Web site and another one for their English Web site. Ex: and

The new rules specify that there is no limit in regards to the number of domain names. Almost anything can be registered. However, beware: you cannot own a domain name that includes a trademark belonging to another company.

The following three steps must be followed :

  1. Fill in the domain name registration form.
  2. CIRA will send you an e-mail message listing an URL address as well as your account number and temporary password.
  3. Upon reception of this e-mail, you will have 7 days to confirm your registration on the CIRA Web site at the given URL address. If you do not respond within the 7-day time limit, your registration will be cancelled.

  4. You will be invoiced as soon as your domain name has been officially registered with MédiaFusion according to the selectedu rate indicated on the form.

    Register a registrant with a domain
    Register a registrant without a domaine

    Renewal of a .ca

    Tranfer your Domain Name(s) at Mediafusion and benefit from the followings::

    • personalized service
    • Canadian expertise (registrar since 1997)
    • We answer to your requests or questions in a short period of time, by phone or by email.